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July 13, 2016

About PBN Goliath

PBN GoliathPBN Goliath is a great and powerful PBN building service. In order to build a powerful network, you need to have powerful domain names that are backed up by good links to sustain its power.

Even the largest corporations and SEO agencies are employing private blog networks (PBNs) for their digital marketing campaigns. Due to confidentiality, we cannot reveal such companies. Large corporations use PBNs for rankings as well as online presence and online reputation. PBNs work really well for maintaining positive reputation.

Big SEO agencies use PBNs for ranking their own clients. Such agencies prefer having own network so they can assure their clients and themselves that posts and links stay as long as the SEO company stays. When you outsource blog posting, there is a great chance of losing these posts when SEO service provider goes out of business, closes the network or gets the network outed by someone else. Thus, having own network is the best way to go about it.

With this in mind, we created PBN Goliath – a service that is truly great and powerful, it’s a complete hands-down PBN building service. We pride ourselves in the quality and the results that we provide.

Who is Don Mazonas?

Don MazonasHi, my name is Don Mazonas and I am creator of PBN Goliath. In forums, I am well established and known under username mzonas. I have been into SEO since 2007 (nearly a decade now) and I have been involved mainly with grey hat and black hat SEO.

While blog networks aren’t exactly black hat SEO, I can’t say they are white hat either. So that leaves us with grey hat SEO – my favourite.

Currently, I run 4 blog networks, including YAFBPS which is praised by the clients. This service is quite cheap and I would call it black hat SEO rather than grey hat. The network gives very fast and great results for a short while though, thus clients are using these to either boost tier 1 links or churn and burn type of websites.

While I have been building PBNs for clients just for a year or so (since summer 2015), I have a lot of experience in this as I have been building my own networks for around 4 years. Most of the networks are still alive to this day because I take a great care of the blogs.

I have been involved in building networks in many niches including fitness, weight loss, sports, internet marketing and even gambling.

I also run SEO Expert Academy – a secret group on Facebook for clients who struggle with their SEO. Me and my business partner (who is not involved with neither YAFBPS nor PBN Goliath) help our customers to the best of our capabilities … with great success.

To get your own network, we just can’t have cart where you submit your order. Do contact us and then we will discuss the best package for your business.